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Thousands attend protest meeting

BELGRADE, Wednesday -- Thousands of people were present for the protest meeting in front of Belgrade City Hall against the nationalisation of Studio B. The meeting started with an announcement from the leaders of the main opposition parties calling for civil disobedience. The protesters were carrying party flags and Belgrade's main street was closed to traffic.

Before the beginning of the meeting several dozen Democratic Party activists blocked one lane of Belgrade's main street, close to the Belgrade Parliament. They arranged the dustbins across the road and shouted "Serbia has risen!", "Studio B!" "Resistance, Resistance!" carrying Democratic Party flags. Citizens protesting against the takeover of Studio B joined them.

A large number of demonstrators then set off from the protest rally outside the Belgrade City Assembly towards Slavija Square, after protesters were told that police had blocked 10,000 fans from the Red Star Football Club at the square. The fans had planned to join the rally after the Red Star-Sartid match. Rally organisers asked the marchers to return, saying that the football fans would eventually join the demonstration. In the meantime, several hundred police in riot gear set up a cordon at the entrance of Kralja Milana St into the Slavija Square.

Source: B92

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