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US Administration:
"Milosevic's son most violent Serbian Mafioso"

Washington, Friday - The US State Department has described Marko Milosevic, son of the Yugoslav president, as one of the wealthiest and most violent members of the Serbian Mafia. The statement, issued today, concerned the arrest of opposition activists on Tuesday night. It says armed thugs, working as bodyguards in Marko Milosevic's club, Madona, attacked the activists. It goes on to comment "The fact that the regime police arrested the unarmed injured victims is an example of the bandit nature of Milosevic regime".

The bodyguards involved in the incident continue to file charges against media under the information act. Two newspapers, the weekly Vreme and the Daily Blic were summoned to appear before the Pozarevac magistrate today. Belgrade's Studio B is facing a third charge from Belgrade Emergency centre Director Vladimir Djukic for misreporting the health of Otpor activist Radojko Lukovic. He would revoke those charges, he said, if Studio B reported the truth that Lukovic after extensive examination was diagnosed only with a broken nose, and transported to a clinic for facial surgery. Studio B said it had been waiting for these facts for 3 days.

Meanwhile another of the arrested activists, Momcilo Veljkovic, who was arrested at the incident, has still not been interrogated by the local investigating judge. His family told Beta that the police had promised to interrogate him by noon today. They also said they will insist that he be interrogated in the presence of a team of Belgrade lawyers.

There will be a gathering of protesters at seven this evening outside Belgrade Central prison, which is when the custody of the arrested Otpor members should expire. Otpor will demand the prison authorities reveal the whereabouts of Radojko Lukovic.

Source: B92

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