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Lukovic examined, Veljkovic's treatment

POZAREVAC, Friday -- Otpor activist Radojko Lukovic, who had suffered severe body injuries after a fight with the guards of the Madona discoteque on May 2 in Pozarevac, was examined in the Pozarevac hospital today, after his lawyers yesterday appealed for medical treatment to the President of the Pozarevac District Court Slobodan Coguric. The Otpor activist was examined by a neurologist and a neuropsychiatrist, who diagnosed depression caused by his serious physical condition and sent him to see an ophthalmologist. At that point however, the deputy commander of the pre-trial confinement Velja Zivkovic terminated the examinations and returned Lukovic to confinement, explaining that the examinations had to be organised, Lekic said.

The family of Momcilo Veljkovic, the other activist beaten and imprisoned in the fight today sent a letter to President of the Pozarevac District Court Slobodan Coguric, demanding "normal medical protection" for Veljkovic. Since his regular physicial therapy had been terminated on Thursday by decision of Zivkovic.

Source: B92

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