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Solana calls on Serb and Albanian leaders

During his visit to Pristina, Javier Solana sent a message to Serb and Albanian leaders today that they must be responsible and act in the interests of the future of Kosovo. He called on Serbs to reconsider their decision to boycott the work of unified administrative bodies set up in Kosovo by the UN and invited them to take part in the temporary Kosovo Administrative Council. During his stay in Kosovo, Solana has had separate meetings with Head of UNMIK Bernard Kouchner, KFOR Commander Klaus Reinhardt, President of the Serbian National Council Bishop Artemije and Albanian leaders Thaqi, Rugova and Chosja, reports Beta.

President of the Serbian National Council Bishop Artemije is to visit the remaining 1,300 Serbs in Orahovac today accompanied by Head of UNMIK Bernard Kouchner and KFOR Commander Klaus Reinhardt. Bishop Artemije stated that talks are currently taking place with international community representatives regarding the setting up of Serb local self-management in Kosovo. Artemije said that only when Serb enclaves had their own autonomy would there be a need for Serbs to join higher administrative bodies in the province.

Source: B92

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