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Kostunica: Foreign intervention would be catastrophe

BELGRADE, Monday -- The possibility of foreign intervention in Yugoslavia if violence broke out after the elections next weekend could not be ruled out, opposition presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica said today. Speaking to German weekly Der Spiegel, Kostunica said that such intervention would be a catastrophe and would leave no space for opposition activity. The Republic of Srpska, he said, had shown that politics under an international protectorate made no sense.

Kostunica also predicted that the Milosevic regime could provoke violent incidents in northern Kosovo during this week, and expressed doubt that Milosevic would step down voluntarily from power.

The opposition candidate also expressed astonishment that the interests of the Yugoslav regime and the international community were aligned in Kosovo where, he said, most vote-fixing by the regime would occur.

Source: B92

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