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Children injured in armed Albanian attack

Pristina, Monday - Two eleven-year-old girls were among four Serbs injured when armed Albanians opened fire in the town of Kosovska Vitina last night, the Serbian National Council announced today. The four were transferred to the military hospital at the American Camp Bondsteel near Urosevac, according to Beta agency. One of the victims is reported to be in a critical condition.

A former Kosovo Liberation Army commander, Ekrem Redza, known by the nom de guerre of "Dream" was killed this morning outside his home in Pristina. Redza was a key Kosovo Liberation Army figure during the war in Kosovo. After the arrival of NATO in Kosovo he became the United Nations civilian mission's senior officer for the protection of the environment.

In other news from Kosovo, the Committee for the Return of Serbs to Kosovo is today holding its inaugural meeting at UN headquarters in Pristina. Members of the committee include Serbian Orthodox Bishop Artemije, the head of the UN mission, Bernard Kouchner, KFOR Commander Juan Ortuno, UNHCR mission chief Dennis MacNamara and the OSCE's Kosovo representative, Daan Everts. Kosovska Mitrovica Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic was also invited to attend the meeting. Father Sava Janjic, of the Visoki Decani monastery, told B2-92 late this afternoon that all members of the committee had agreed that the repatriation of Serbs should begin as soon as possible. The first arrivals are expected during the summer.

Source: B92

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