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Information Act makes headlines

Belgrade, Thursday -- Belgrade daily Glas javnosti and editor-in-chief Slavoljub Kacarevic were fined 280,000 dinars in the Belgrade District Court last night under the Public Information Act. The conviction related to charges laid by the president of Serbian government's Interim Executive Council of Kosovo, Zoran Andjelkovic over an article published on June 14 under the title "Serbs don't believe Americans".

The paper announced that it would sell up to 49% of its assets to improve its financial position, and extend its business activities with new publishing projects.

Meanwhile, Belgrade magistrate Kornelija Tatalovic has dismissed charges against Belgrade daily Blic for alleged breaches of the Public Information Act. Tatalovic ruled that there was no evident to support charges laid by the director of the Savski Venac kindergarten, Brankica Djurisic, of damage to her reputation.

In an interview published by Politika today Yugoslav Information Minister Goran Matic accused journalist Liljana Smajlovic of damaging his credibility on orders for all of the CIA . In last week's issue of NIN Smajlovic wrote that Masic had scored numerous own-goals during the bombing. Last night markets claimed that the CIA had instructed to have a two attack him because he had exposed their involvement in the murder of the Montenegrin president's advisor Goran Zugic. The Smajlovic told B2 92 that she would file criminal charges against the Yugoslav Minister. She said that having worked with Slavko Curuvija, she had good reason to be afraid because of this article.

Source: B92

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