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Government harassment of NGO

BELGRADE, VRANJE, SUBOTICA -- Wednesday. Officials of the Federal Ministry of Justice this morning demanded that the Centre for Fee Elections and Democracy in Belgrade present its registration documents. Last Friday, police removed six computers from the centre claiming that it was necessary to audit the organisation's business dealings.

One of the Centre's activists in Vranje, Radoslav Mojsilovic, was arrested this morning and detained for an hour of interrogation. He told Beta that he had been asked who was financing the organisation and who paid the office lease and telephone bills. Mojsilovic, who is a Democratic Opposition of Serbia local government election candidate, was arrested at the Law School while taking an exam.

Police today also visited the Subotica branch of the Centre for Free Elections and Democracy and questioned employees on the organisation's activities, a local representative of the organisation, Ildyko Szelezsi, said today. "They wanted to know who supported us financially and which foreign non-government and other organisations we were in contact with," said Szelezsi. She added that the police had refused to allow her to call a lawyer and claimed they were only seeking information because they had never heard of the organisation or its activities.

Source: B92

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