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Draskovic and wife accuse regime

BUDVA, Friday -- In a statement to press at his house in Budva, Vuk Draskovic accused the Serbian Security Service in no uncertain terms for the second assassination attempt on his life, claiming that the orders must have come from Milosevic himself. "The Serbian authorities had me followed knowing that I don't like security. What happened upon my return from Moscow, when they arrested my security staff, was a prelude for what happened in Budva. They stripped me of my security, they saw I was alone, and decided to do what they did," Draskovic claimed, adding that "They've turned this country into a concentration camp, there's no law, no judiciary, there's nothing. It is worse in Serbia today than in 1945. It's the Balkan Iraq," Draskovic said.

Reuters reported that Danica Draskovic, showed journalists the bullet holes and bloodstains in the room. When asked who should be blamed for this, she said, "Slobodan Milosevic and Mira Markovic, who else".

Montenegrin Minister of Police Vukasin Maras has linked the assassination attempt on Vuk Draskovic with the recent murder of President Milo Djukanovic's advisor Goran Zugic, saying that these two events warned about efforts to move terrorism from Belgrade to Montenegro. He promised to offer his resignation to the Montenegrin prime minister because Draskovic had been under police protection during the assassination attempt. According to Montenegrin TV, police claim to have detained several persons in connection with the crime.

Belgrade regime media today reported Draskovic's wounding, but not that he had accused the Serbian authorities. The story was broadcast in the 43rd minute of the primetime news, before the culture slot. It was illustrated by a Kotor landscape and a quick shot of the SPO leader with bandage on his right earlobe and left temple.

Source: B92

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