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Dienstbier: KFOR and UN unable to complete mission

SKOPJE, Monday -- The United Nations civilian mission in Kosovo and KFOR were unable to carry out the task they were charged with under UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the UN's special envoy for human rights, Jiri Dienstbier, said today.

Dienstbier told media in Skopje that a year after KFOR and the UN had arrived in Kosovo they still did not have enough money, troops, police, judges and other resources needed to implement Resolution 1244. This, he said was the responsibility of the international community which had pledged assistance in Kosovo but had not delivered. The human rights envoy also accused the international community of failing to respond properly to ethnic cleansing and thus permitting it to continue.

Dienstbier arrived in Yugoslavia today for a three-day visit.

Source: B92

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