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BELGRADE, Tuesday -- Serbian President Milan Milutinovic last night unveiled a 27-metre high obelisk in the Peace and Friendship park in New Belgrade. The obelisk, named Eternal Flame, bears an inscription by Mirjana Markovic, the leader of the Yugoslav United Left and wife of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

Unveiling the monument, which is intended a s a symbol of the country's defence against NATO aggression, Milutinovic said that Yugoslavia had proved it was a freedom-loving nation which had successfully rebuilt what its enemies had destroyed.

The economic think tank G17 Plus yesterday released a report on post-war reconstruction in Yugoslavia saying that only 4.5 percent of Nato damage had so far been repaired. Most of the damaged buildings in Belgrade, said the report, were still pocked and slumped as they had been a year ago.

Source: B92

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