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Opposition conference begins in Athens

Athens, Friday - Representatives of the leading Serbian opposition parties, Kosovo Serbs, the Crown Council, G17 Plus, a number of non governmental organizations and the Church along with Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic and Bosnian Serb Leader Biljana Plavsic met with Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjorjevic and representatives of the Serbian Diaspora in Athens today. They will take part in a two-day conference called "For Changes - For Democracy".

In his opening speech, Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjorjevic said that this was a meeting about the destiny of the Serbian nation and all the citizens of Serbia. He called on all those who took part in this conference to put aside their misunderstandings and to concentrate on the state Serbia currently found herself in. The Prince also said that the aim of the conference was to discuss possible ways of implementing radical democratic changes in Serbia in order to save the nation from further disruption.

In spite of yesterday's denial of any involvement in the conference by the Greek government, a senior official from the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry announced today that Greek Foreign Minister Jorgos Papandreu would attend the conference tomorrow. The Greek official also added that he hoped that such meetings would soon be able to take place in Serbia.

Source: B92

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