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Assassination attempt on Vuk Draskovic

PODGORICA, Friday -- Last night around midnight, President of the Serbian Renewal Movement Vuk Draskovic was slightly injured when unknown gunmen opened fire on him at his home in Budva on the Montenegrin coast. In a statement for Agence France Presse, Draskovic’s advisor Ognjen Pribicevic said that Draskovic had hit by two of the bullets fired at him, one in his eyebrow and the other in the ear. The police cordoned off the area immediately as Draskovic was rushed to hospital, though he discharged himself within an hour, the surgeon commenting that he appeared calm and composed.

The Montenegrin Interior Ministry stated today that Vuk Draskovic "during last night's assassination attempt was hit with two projectiles, after which several unidentified perpetrators, left in an unknown direction." "While he was in his dining room, unknown perpetrator, or several of them, approached the house from the courtyard and fired seven 7,65 calibre shots through an open window, from an unknown weapon, in the direction of Vuk Draskovic." The statement said that "the Ministry was undertaking broad measures and actions in order to find and arrest the perpetrators of this criminal act."

Source: B92

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