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Twenty three Kragujevac citizens arrested

Police in Kragujevac today arrested 23 Otpor activists including four minors, two journalists and the president of Sumadija Coalition, Branislav Kovacevic, in the central Serbian city of Kragujevac at around 1p.m. About thirty Otpor members and local party officials have gathered in front of the police station. They were released gradually after several hours of interrogation, until around 6.30.

Otpor were to stage a football match with the message "The best footballer S.(avo) Milosevic against the worst president S.(lobodan) Milosevic," when a large number of policemen arrived in four vans and announced that the gathering had not been registered and that journalists were not permitted to cover the event entitled "A nice day for terrorism".

An Otpor protest in front of the Leskovac police station against last night's apprehension of Otpor activist Vladimir Stojkovic, was cancelled today when Stojkovic was criminally charged for attempting to overthrow the constitutional order and calling for rebellion, and taken to pre-trial confinement in Leskovac. According to Stojkovic's parents he had been apprehended during the night whilst drawing the Otpor symbol on the police building.

Source: B92

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