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Pavkovic: Army willing to recognise Kostunica victory

BELGRADE, Thursday - Yugoslav Army chief of staff General Lieutenant Nebojsa Pavkovic on Wednesday night said that on September 24, the day of the elections, everything would end peacefully, "if nobody interferes". He added that the Yugoslav Army was willing to recognise victory of the opposition presidential candidate. "If somebody did interfere, it would not end peacefully," Pavkovic said in an interview to Montenegrin television.

Explaining what his recent statement about September 24 being D-Day meant, the chief of staff said that it did not contain a single word of threat to Montenegro or the Montenegrin people. In his words, "D-Day referred solely to a foreign element." Pavkovic also said that D-Day did not refer to Serbian opposition either, "because there was no reason for it".

General Pavkovic said that the Yugoslav Army knew about the foreign scenario, which included provocations on September 24 aimed at causing unrest, "under the guise of support for a victorious opposition". According to that scenario, Pavkovic explained, provocations and unrest, leading to internal conflicts, would be caused by "special units of foreign armed forces, infiltrated that day into the Yugoslav territory". He said that they would be sent from the territory of the Republic of Srpska, but that "evidence indicated" it might be carried out from Montenegro and Kosovo as well, Beta reported.

Source: B92

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