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Peace walk to Kosovo cancelled

FME decides to join Italian non-violence presence in Pristina and cancels plans for Walk from Timisoara

Gent, June 22 1999 - As For Mother Earth didn't receive enough respons for the proposed International Peace Team from Timisoara to Pristina, a meeting today concluded that the margin of organisers as well as the local support turned out too narrow to go ahead with the plans for an International Peace Team. However the FME meeting decided today to respond positively to the Italian call for more international presence in their plans for a non- violent presence in Kosovo (see attached letter). Lisa Clark, from the Italian NGO 'Beati i costruttori di pace', who just arrived in Pristina, says they are now preparing the arrival of an international non- violent peacecorps next September. 'Beati i costruttori di pace' plans to organise trainings in Italy next July and August for interested participants. Please contact them if you are interested to participate. For Mother Earth further wants to encourage peace activists and NGO's to prepare for a swifter response in future conflicts in which NATO takes a leading role. The new electronic discussion will hopefully make such an early response possible. In the near future For Mother Earth will continue its legal campaign with new 'Citizens Inspections' of NATO illegal nuclear weapons sites in Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and US. A new international day of Citizens Inspections is announced for October 1st. They will also join non-violent disarmament attempts of nuclear weapons systems. The next major attempt to disarm the illegal British Trident nuclear weapons system is scheduled from next August 9th till August 24 in Scotland.

Source: For Mother Earth

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