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Violence against non-Albanian population in Kosovo continues

Serbian Orthodox Church Information Service, Pravoslavlje Press, reported today that during the last 24 hours several incidents and attacks on Serbian churches and homes took place in Kosovo, and that two Serbs are missing. The report says that Dragan Stevanovic (42) from Kosovo Polje and Ivan Majstorovic (18) form Pristina were last seen on the road from Pristina to Podujevo. Several Serbian houses in Pristina were attacked, and "Albanian terrorists" burnt three Serbian houses in Prizren, and since KFOR reaction was late, around 20 houses belonging to Serbs burnt out in a fire. It's been reported that last night Albanians threw two hand-bombs and two hand-made bombs on Serbian Orthodox Church n Djakovici, which suffered serious damage. Pravoslavlje Press also reports that yesterday in Gnjilane, Albanians have beaten Tomislav Serafimovic and his sister Dragana, and looted houses of Miroslav Djordjevic and Zivojin Stosic. 74-year old Zorka Zizic, killed by Albanians in Pristina several days ago, was buried today in Kosovo Polje.

Church Council from Gnjilane reported that last night in Kosovska Kamenica, houses of Petko Arsic and Gligorije Trajkovic were attacked with bombs and automatic weapons. Beta Agency reports that yesterday near Gnjilane, homes of Bozinka Micic, Milivoje Stojkovic and Divna Zafirovic were looted. KFOR search for the four suspects for the looting, but it is still unknown were they arrested or not. Also, it's been reported that Ljupce Domazetoski was beaten downtown Gnjilane yesterday, as well as 79-year old Veljko Arsic, who was found by KFOR lying in the middle of the street. Church Council from Gnjilane reminds that during the last two months 288 homes of Serbs were usurped, and only two were returned to their owners.

Source: Free Serbia

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