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Thugs attack protesters in Belgrade

BELGRADE, Wednesday -- Several Belgrade protesters were injured in incidents following the Alliance for Change demonstration tonight. About fifty protesters from New Belgrade who, like groups in other parts of the city had set off to march to Republic Square in the centre, were attacked near the former Communist Party Central Committee building by about twenty young men dressed in black. The assailants rushed the group of protesters, beating a number of them before fleeing. Early information indicated that about eight of the marchers were injured. Police arrived on the scene after several minutes but made no attempt to find the assailants.

Another column of marchers from the central area of Slavija were attacked by police with batons after marching in the street despite police orders. B2 92 correspondents report that the beatings occurred when the marchers left the footpath to skirt around parked cars. Two protesters from this group were arrested.

A crowd estimated at 10,000 later gathered on Republic Square and marched through the centre city without incident.

Other rallies throughout the country tonight included about 5,000 protesters in Nis, 2,500 in Novi Sad, 2,000 in Vrnjacka Banja and 400 in Kraljevo.

Source: B92

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