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Seselj heralds reshuffling of government soon

Denies speculations about becoming premier.

The outgoing Serbian vice-premier Vojislav Seselj stated on Sept. 2 that the government would undergo some changes most probably in the next ten days, and that Mirko Marjanovic will remain the premier.

At a news conference Seselj denied speculations that he would be the new Serbian premier, and said that the distribution of ministerial seats between the coalition partners would remain the same.

Commenting the reports in the media about him becoming the new premier, Seselj said this was "an attempt to spread psychological war" and added that Mirko Marjanovic would remain the Serbian premier.

The Belgrade daily Danas said on Sept. 2, quoting "well-informed sources," that the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, was "seriously negotiating about becoming Serbian premier."

The current premier Mirko Marjanovic will retire for health reasons, reports the daily, adding that "Marjanovic has allegedly contracted herpes."

The proportion of ministerial positions has also been agreed upon, claims Danas. The Radicals will have 15 ministries, and the coalition of the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Yugoslav Left will have 16 portfolios.

The paper's source claims that Yugoslav President Slobodan "Milosevic will not change the minister of police" and that education minister Jovo Todorovic will be replaced by "one of Seselj's candidates."

Seselj confirmed that the Serbian government had received the Montenegrin government's platform on redefining relations in the federation, but added that the government did not and will not discuss this document.

Seselj accused the Belgrade correspondents of foreign radio stations of "helping" the U.S. in "covering up crimes against the Serbs in Kosovo." Seselj labeled the Belgrade correspondents of the "Free Europe" and the "Voice of America" radio stations as "tramps, servants and scoundrels."

Source: Beta Press

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