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Russia to participate in control of German sector

According to informations in the "Berliner Zeitung", Russia is to participate in the control of the German sector in Kosovo. The command of this sector will be swapped every half year between Germans and Russians, the paper reported on Thursday evening. This is said to be a result of negotiations which a German general, charged by Minister of Defense Rudolf Scharping, has carried out with the top ranking officers of the Russian military. With this, an agreement on the challenged participation of Moscow in the international KFOR protection forces in the Serbian province would be at hand. The mission of the chief of planning of the Ministry of Defense, Harald Kujat, is said to have been carried out in the beginning of the week and was kept strictly confidential. After accomplishing the mission, NATO headquarters in Brussels would be informed about the results. The Ministry spokesman confirmed the reports, the talks would have taken place on Scharping's initiative, but in close consult with NATO. According to the report, Scharping would also have made arrangements with his US colleague William Cohen.

Source: Kosova Info Line
Translation: Heleen Ransijn

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