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Rugova returns to Kosovo

The moderate leader of the Kosovar Albanians, Ibrahim Rugova, has said he is planning to return to Kosovo in the next few days to resume his political activities in the province. Several of Mr Rugova's more radical opponents in the KLA, are already back in Kosovo at what could be the beginning of a contest for power when preparations get under way for elections. Mr Rugova has spent six weeks in western Europe, mostly in Italy, since he left Kosovo, where he was held under house arrest by the Serbian police during the first phase of Nato's air strikes. Mr Rugova, whom most Kosovar Albanians regard as their president, held a meeting on Monday with officials of his party, the Democratic League of Kosovo, and with other groups linked to his movement to plan the establishment of democratic institutions in Kosovo. But their discussions in Rome were not attended by those who matter perhaps the most - the leaders of the KLA. They remain Mr Rugova's bitter opponents and have formed a rival provisional government under Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Source: Free Serbia

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