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Opposition round table: first reactions

BELGRADE, Friday -- Participants in yesterday's opposition round table today expressed mixed feelings about the meeting, at which all present agreed on the necessity for early elections and the activities of all opposition parties to be coordinated. Serbian Renewal Movement spokesman Ivan Kovacevic said that the round table had come to the same conclusions that his party had proposed on June 10, and that minor parties had lost four months because of somebody's irresponsibility. Kovacevic told B2 92 that it was necessary to draft conditions for elections and demand early elections and if that were not accepted by the regime, all peaceful means, including demonstrations, should be used to force that acceptance. The Alliance for Changes proposed head of a transitional government, Dragoslav Avramovic said that unity of the opposition was a key element on which everything depended. Avramovic did not say whether he would attempt to persuade Serbian Renewal Movement leader Vuk Draskovic to accept his program, but said that he was very concerned to have Draskovic's support.

Source: B92

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