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Yugoslavia has no own reconstruction resources

Professor of the Faculty of Economy at the Belgrade University, Dr. Ljubomir Madzar said on Sunday that the annual interest of Yugoslav foreign debt is approximately the same as the damage that Yugoslavia suffered of NATO bombing. In his interview for Podgorica daily "Pobjeda", he emphasized that it is far away from truth and very dangerous to say that Yugoslavia have own means, resources and power for the reconstruction after the bombing. He also criticized the attempts to blame the bombing for the biggest industry problems -- all, without an exception, occured years ago. Madzar said that the public has no real information about the economic conflict between two federal units, and that Serbia and Montenegro both show tendencies that shouldn't be approved. "Serbia shows rough economic and administrative reprisals tendency, and Montenegro a tendency to ignore and violate the laws that are still active and were adopted by Montenegro itself."

Source: Free Serbia

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