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Kraljevo blocked by protesting reservists

Unpleased members of the Yugoslav army reserve have continued with their blockade of all entry points to Kraljevo, and starting today, the bridge over Ibar which is located in the center of Kraljevo is under blockade too. An incident occur at this bridge when an unknown soldier, according to unnofficial informations member of the 125th motorized brigade which was invested with the order of the National Hero, pshysicly attacked a police officer who demanded that he should move his vehicle.

The army reserve demand to be payed the wages for their participation in the war. According to some informations, general Nebojsa Pavkovic, chief-of-staff of the 3rd Yugoslav army district, arranged for the money to pay them off yesterday, indicating that the army reserve has made new demands today.

Over 20000 people have been mobilized in Kraljevo, of which 41 have lost their lives in the conflicts on Kosovo. On the other hand, there have been informations indicating that 15000 Serbian refugees from Kosovo have fled to Kraljevo.

We are informed that the Serbian National Security Ageny has forbid broadcasting any news concerning these happenings on local TV stations.

Source: Democratic Party FRY

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