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Dinkic announces large attendance of the Belgrade rally

A less then 100 hours before the opposition rally in Belgrade, called by the writers of Stability Pact for Serbia, one of the writers, and the coordinator of the Group of 17 independent economists, Mladjan Dinkic, said for Radio B2-92 that people from around Serbia are interesting in attending the rally in Belgrade. Dinkic said that he "believes that the people from Serbia will attend the rally en-masse" and added that he expects that Serbian Orthodox Church soon reveal the name of its representative who will make the address at the rally. Dinkic also said that so far 300 reporters asked for the accreditation and repeated that "he hopes that opposition parties will finally rise above their quarrels and particular interests, because people in Serbia want changes and they have no more time for waiting."

Vice-president of the Socialdemocracy Party, Pavic Obradovic, said today that Socialdemocracy haven't made the final decision whether it will take part in the rally in Belgrade, or not. After the last night's rally of the Alliance for Change in Zajecar, Pavic Obradovic told the press that "Socialdemocracy does not support the rally, and thinks it would be better if the rally was cancelled." But, he added that "if they get guarantees that the rally will have one unique demand, for the transitional government, headed by the Prof. Dragoslav Avramovic" they wouldn't missed the participation. "We want to have clear situation and that this rally articulate current discontent of the people, that has been showed everyday around Serbia. If such demands become clear, we will participate the rally," Pavic Obradovic said to the reporters.

Initiative Board of the outcasts and displaced Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, called all Serb from southern province to join the rally in Belgrade on August 19.

The rally organization expects the reply from General Momcilo Perisic, about the participation of his Movement for Democratic Serbia, at the rally in Belgrade.

Source: Free Serbia

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