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Rallies held all over Serbia

Some 300 Yugoslav army reservists protested in Vranje, demanding to be paid for participating in war. This is forth day of protest. This time protest was held in the time of General's Nebojsa Pavkovic, commander of Third army, visit to the region.

Police in Valjevo stated that 13 persons where arrested, for trying to enter City hall by force, and for skirmish with police.

More than 3000 people gathered tonight on the protest organized by Alliance for Change (SZP) demanding resignation of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and democratic changes in the country. Democratic Party leader Zoran Djindjic called the citizens of Jagodina and other cities of Serbia to "march to Belgrade" emphasizing that "this time it is necessary to finish the job because all questions and dilemma now are held in two - people or regime, Serbia or Slobodan Milosevic". President of Social-Democratic Party Vuk Obradovic, said that it is regime who wants "chaos and anarchy" and not the Alliance for Change, and stressed out that Alliance "will do everything to pervent Serbs fighting each other." At the main City Square in Jagodina (120 km / 75 miles south of Belgrade), all other leaders of the SZP addressed the crowd. There were no incidents on the meeting, although police tried to limit attendance, by blocking roads.

On rallies of Alliance for Changes planed for this week in Kragujevac and Kraljevo Dragoslav Avramovic, ex Governor of National bank, will take part. Rally in Kragujevac is planed for Thursday.

Beside Ivan Novkovic, initiator of anti-Milosevic rally in Leskovac, two more demonstrators, Miodrag Mitic and Dejan Manic, are sentence to 30 day of prison. Two more persons are being held for interrogation.

Source: Free Serbia

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