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Campaign for democracy goes on

Alliance for Change continues with protest rallies in Serbia

"The protest that opposition held in Cacak, and those which we plan for next week will be just preparations for the most important part of the campaign, that should begun on September 1. Alliance for Change is currently the only political power in the country which truly fights for democratic changes, and which is open for the cooperation with all political parties in the country whose goal is democratic Serbia, Serbia as a part of Europe and of the World", said Zoran Zivkovic, vice-president of the Democratic Party, one of the Allies for Change, at yesterdays' press conference.

Zivkovic said that meeting of the Federal Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic and the parties that have representatives in the Federal Parliament was organized as a tea party. Zivkovic said that in there are only two parties that fight for the survival of the Federation - Montenegrin Democratic Party of Socialists, and Democratic Party, which should organize the meeting to discuss the crucial matters for the future of the Federation.

Leader of the Democratic Party, Zoran Djindjic returned to Belgrade after several months. Djindjic told the reporters on the Belgrade Airport, that he would face the charges, but that he does not see the reason for his indictment. Djindjic's lawyer, Strahinja Kastratovic said that the charges pressed against his client were politically motivated.

Source: Free Serbia

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