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Milosevic: possible negotiations on G-8 principles.

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and the Russian President's Special Envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin agreed on May 19 that the solution to the problem in Yugoslavia "can only be political, within the U.N. framework, and with the active and direct participation of Yugoslavia in working out the concrete policies on the basis of the G-8 principles."

In a statement following the talks, it was underlined that they had focused on efforts to achieve the peaceful political solution to the problem in Yugoslavia, and it added that Chernomyrdin had discussed the course of his talks so far and underlined the importance of the policies expressed in the stands of the Group 8.

It was stated that an arrangement had been made to continue the talks in Belgrade on May 24 or on May 25 next week. In the meantime, Chernomyrdin is to resume consultations in Moscow with Ahtisaari and Talbott.

Serbian President Milan Milutinovic and Serbian Premier Mirko Marjanovic, Yugoslav Foreign Minister, Zivadin Jovanovic and the Russian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Yuri Kotov also took part in the talks.

Source: Beta Press

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