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Poll shows ruling coalition is losing support

The popularity of the Serbian Renewal Movement and the Alliance for Change coalition is on the rise, while support for the ruling coalition is declining, indicated an opinion poll conducted by the Belgrade Partner agency between Aug. 10 and Aug. 16.

Representatives of the agency revealed the results of the poll which included some 1,000 citizens in 32 Serbian municipalities without Kosovo.

Asked for whom they would vote 18.1 percent of those polled answered they would vote for the Serbian Renewal Movement, 24 percent for the ruling coalition comprised of the Serbian Socialist Party, the Serbian Radical Party and the Yugoslav Left, while 14.5 percent of the respondees said they would vote for the Alliance for Change.

Of the 24 percent who favored voting for the ruling coalition, 13.7 percent would vote for the Serbian Socialist Party, 7.8 percent for the Serbian Radical Party, while 2.5 percent would vote for the Yugoslav Left. The Democratic Party received a 10 percent share of the 14.5 percent figure representing those who would vote for the Alliance for Change, while the remaining 4 percent was divided among the other member parties of that coalition.

Asked what they expected from the opposition protest rally scheduled for Aug. 19 in Belgrade, 35 percent said nothing would happen, 23.1 percent answered that they expected the authorities would be forced to make minor changes, 11.5 said they believed that major changes would result, while 16.7 of those polled said they expected incidents and clashes.

Source: Beta Press

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