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Police arrests peace activists in Cacak (Serbia)

Belgrade, 24. Mai (dpa) - Four activists of a peace group in the Serbian town Cacak were arrested by the police last Monday. They are to be tried on short notice for breaching the peace, the Belgrade news agency Beta reported in the evening. The activists were charged with organising a public meeting without proper authorisation. The verdict is expected on Tuesday. During the arrest, some fifty citzens had gathered before the local court of justice as a sign of solidarity.

On Sunday evening, the police had prohibited an anti-war rally of the independent citizens' parliament. In war time no rallies are permitted, so it was said. The regime-critic citizens had assembled in a restaurant. After this, the group went to a church to light candles for all victims of the war.

Two Serbian opposition parties protested on Monday against the announced verdicts. "On this moment, every step that leads to chaos and division must be avoided and the civilian peace must be kept", it is said in a declaration by the Democratic Party. The Social Democrats' chief and former army general Vuk Obradovic protested against the "prosecution of the democratic opposition" in Cacak, Beta reported.

The civitizens' parliament was founded a week ago by two thousand Cacak citizens. Last Tuesday these had appealed on Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic to end the war immediately. "You are deciding on the fate of all Yugoslav peoples, therefore you should end the war without delay", it was said in the appeal. These groups also requests protection for all Kosovar Albanians and the return of refugees to their homes.

Source: Kosova Info Line

Translation: Heleen Ransijn

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