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Pork for pickups

British troops plan to help about 30 pigs stranded in Kosovo get back to their rightful owners on the other side of the provincial border. Soldiers from the Queen's Dragoon Guards will escort the pigs on Sunday from Orlane in northern Kosovo to another village near the border with the rest of Serbia on Sunday. From there, a village elder named Rasha will arrange their return to the owners across the frontier, British forces said on Saturday. The pigs ended up on the wrong side of the lines before NATO- led peacekeepers entered Kosovo in June. In return for the pigs, Serbs in the area plan to return some vehicles belonging to local Albanians. "The QDG have brokered this 'pork for pickups' deal between the neighboring villages as part of their effort to rebuild community relations," British forces said in a statement.

Source: Free Serbia

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