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Momcilo Perisic founds movement for democratic Serbia

The Yugoslav Army's former chief of staff, Momcilo Perisic, confirmed, on Aug. 12, that he had founded the Movement for Democratic Serbia (PDS) and announced the establishment of a government consisting of non-party experts.

Perisic told a press conference in Belgrade that one of the PDS goals was to gather experts who had not compromised themselves, so as to prepare a strategy for establishing the government of experts.

According to Perisic, the PDS goals are the struggle against isolation and totalitarianism, the struggle against any kind of chaos and for democratic elections which follow European and world standards.

In the Proclamation on the movement's foundation, the PDS stated that the prerequisites for free elections include the Yugoslav President's resignation and the dissolution of both the federal and Serbian governments, the suspension of officials who cannot represent the country before the international community, the end of the rule of violence, political persecution and the abolition of restrictive laws.

The Movement for Democratic Serbia demands that a new election law be passed, in cooperation with the OSCE, that the media be free to operate and the media monopoly lifted.

The Proclamation on the movement's foundation also states that the PDS advocates the protection of the state's interests, the Serb people's existence in Kosovo, equal and brotherly relations between Serbia and Montenegro and their preservation, inclusion in European and world political and economic trends.

Source: Beta Press

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