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Serbian Patriarch asked president Milutinovic to resign

The Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church, Pavle, said that he asked to speak with the president of Serbia, Milan Milutinovic, and the president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic. He also added that Milosevic hasn't responded, while he met with Milutinovic.

"I met with Milutinovic. The Bishop Amfilohije was with me. Because of economic and political international isolation of our country and our people, we said that our opinion is that he should resign. Milutinovic said that West will change his mind and that we should wait for that. I said that is uncertain, and what is more certain that we can perish as nation before that time", said Patriarch Pavle.

He also added that Milosevic's "big mistake was when he didn't think it over, when NATO said it won't make ground invasion but would met their aims wit air strikes." "He should think it over, like that Tzar with 10.000 soldiers who will be attacked with 20.000 soldiers, could he get over with 17 most powerful nations in world, without single ally, and to do before this awful bombardment, what he did after it."

Source: Free Serbia

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