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Patriarch Pavle moves to Kosovo

The Serbian church head, His Holiness, Patriarch Pavle, moved today from Belgrade to Pec, town on Western Kosovo where historical centre of Serbian orthodox Church has been located. Meanwhile, Patriarch visited Gracanica monastery near Pristina, where he met other high church officials: Bishops Artemije who left his eparchy in Prizren on Wednesday, and Bishop Atanasije. After the meeting in Gracanica, Patriarch Pavle went to Pec where he will settle together with Bishop Amfilohije in Pecka Patrijarsija, historical headquarters of Serbian orthodox Church. On a broadcast on national TV, Patriach Pavle appealed on Kosovo Serbs not to leave their homes, and announced that he will stay in Pecka Patrijarsija for long time, to be with his people. On Wednesday, Bishop Artemije arrived to Gracanica monastery from Prizren. He left Prizren because he wasn't safe but said he will return when KFOR establish full controll over the city. He said that three monasteries in Prizren has been abandoned and that one orthodox Sisterhood is still rounded by KLA, but recently have been taken care of by French soldiers. Witnesses reported that arrival of Patriarch Pavle persuaded many Serbs to stay at Kosovo, at least for a while.

Source: Free Serbia

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