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Serbian refugees from Kosovo protest in front of federal parliament

A group of Serbs who have fled from Kosovo have managed to arrive in front of the Federal Parliament building in Belgrade this morning, where they have expressed their protest towards the actual government. According to them, they expected to be addresed by the official authorities.

The police has not been allowing the refugees to arrive to Belgrade, stoppimg them in their attempts. A larger group of Serbian refugees has yestrerday arrived to Mladenovac, 50 km from Belgrade. They have been held by the authorities and placed in the local sports center. The local office of the Democratic party has arranged food and gasoline for them, so they could continue their journey, once they get the permission needed.

According to the official UN informations, 38.000 Serbs have fled from their homes in Kosovo, while the Democratic party estimates that this number is as high as 50.000.

Source: Democratic Party of FRY

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