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Opposition round table:
Extraordinary elections fastest solution

BELGRADE, Thursday (Beta) -- All participants in today's opposition round table agreed that the situation in Serbia demanded the urgent and coordinated action of all opposition forces. In a statement issued by 21 opposition parties and coalitions and Dragoslav Avramovic, the Alliance for Change's candidate to head a transitional government, the opposition said jointly that the extraordinary circumstances imposed the need for extraordinary elections as the fastest and most rational solution.

The joint statement was signed by the Democratic Christian Party, the Democratic Alternative, the Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians, the Democratic Community of Vojvodina Hungarians, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Serbia, the Vojvodina Coalition, New Democracy, New Serbia, the Alliance of Democratic Parties, the Parliamentary People's Party, the Civil Alliance of Subotica, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, Social Democracy, the Social Democratic Union, the Serbian Renewal Movement, the Democratic Action Party of Sandzak, the Alliance for Change and Dragoslav Avramovic.

Democratic Centre President Dragoljub Micunovic, who organised the meeting described it as a major step forward. "This is the first general agreement of its kind for a long time," said Micunovic, adding that the round table would continue on October 7.

The statement reads in full: "The alarmingly difficult political, economic and sociological situation in the country, as well as its international position, impose the need for urgent coordinated action by all opposition forces. The participants in the round table are fighting for the necessary changes to be realised in a peaceful, democratic way, which includes the resignations or legitimate dismissals of the authoritarian rulers of the country. The extraordinary circumstances impose the need for extraordinary elections as the fastest and most rational solution. In order to determine the political will of the electorate, it is necessary to reach agreement on election conditions and election laws in accordance with international standards and recommendations. The participants in the round table have agreed on basic issues and the detailed proposals on election conditions will be worked out by a team of experts and confirmed by party representatives at the next meeting. In addition to legal conditions for early elections, there are also political conditions. The participants in the round table condemn the violence against the Serbian and non-Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohija in the presence of KFOR. The participants in the meeting protest at police violence against peaceful demonstrators and demand the immediate release from prison of all arrested demonstrators. The participants agree that discussions on political issues of strategy and tactics by the opposition, as well as forms of cooperation of the opposition, will continue in a week."

Source: B92

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