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Serbian opposition in favour of compromise with NATO

Belgrade, 4th May (DPA) - Three Serbian opposition parties spoke last Tuesday in favour of an immediate compromise between Yugoslavia and NATO, considering the great number of casualties and immense material damage caused by NATO air attacks.

It is in Serbias interest to end the war and the NATO bombings, as it says in a declaration of the Civic Alliance of Serbia (CAS) which was published in Belgrade. "A compromise is possible and political changes in Serbia are one of the conditions for this", the declaration states.

The social democrat opposition is in favour of an immediate ending of combat actions and a stationing of international peace forces with a UN mandate in Kosovo. This party appealed last tuesday to the Yugoslav authorities to facilitate the return of all refugees as well. The retreat of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo should be synchronised with the stationing of international troops and with the disarmament of the KLA, so it says in a public appeal. Kosovo is to acquire autonomy.

Also Yugoslav vice-prime minister Vuk Draskovic, leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement, who was fired from the Yugoslav government a week before, has spoken in favour of a compromise. Yugoslavia should respect decisions of the UN Security Council regarding international presence in Kosovo, Draskovic said in Belgrade. He accused NATO of "suffocating" every peace initiative. "Yugoslavia is prepared to make a compromise, and I am hoping peace will soon come", he said.

Source: DPA

Translation: Heleen Ransijn

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