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Referendum Montenegro "inevitable"

Defining of the referendum question to take place in the following two months

"The national status of Montenegro shall be determined by a referendum. However, this must not be a hasty act, it will have to be organized as a completely legal and legitimate one." said the vice-president of the Montenegrin government, Dr. Dragisa Burzan yesterday.

The leader of the Montenegrin Socialdemocratic party (SDP), Zarko Rakcevic, said that the referendum concerning the national status of Montenegro is "inevitable", and that the question posed on the referendum will have to be defined in the following two months.

Svetozar Marovic, the Chairman of the Assembly, in a statement made on Friday, said that the Montenegrin platform of the relations with Serbia is a "reasonable suggestion", which is "in favor of a union, not against it".

Source: Free Serbia

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