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Montenegro patiently waits

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said yesterday in Rome that his republic patiently waits Serbian response to their suggestion for redefining the partnership in the federation, but that it will choose its own way, if Serbia keeps its reactionary attitude. "We are convinced that this new formula could satisfy demands of Montenegro and the preservation of the Yugoslav Federation", said Djukanovic after the meeting with the Italian Foreign Minister, Lamebrto Dini. "We are patient with Serbian response to our suggestion. If Serbia agrees to follow pro-democratic, pro-European way, we could stay together in the same country. But, if instead of that Serbia decides to continue with the reactionary and anti-European politics, Montenegro will be forced to follow the way that its people already chosen," said Djukanovic. Answering the allegations of NATO General Wesley Clark, that he has proofs that Milosevic strengthens its forces in Montenegro, Djukanovic said that Milosevic want to "set up the fire" in Montenegro for a long time. "I am convinced that as long as Milosevic remains on the scene, he won't give up his ambitions. But, after the war with NATO, Milosevic is weaken, while democracy in Montenegro is much stronger", he said.

United States, repeated the warning to the regime in Belgrade, that it would be confronted with the West if continue with attempts to destabilize Montenegro. State Department officially announced the presence of 40.000 Yugoslav Army members in Montenegro. That is, they said, 4 times more then the regular number of soldiers, and it is "part of Belgrade's pressure on the authorities in Podgorica, that has a support of United States". "Any attempt to destabilize the authorities in Montenegro will be assumed as the provocation, and will receive the appropriate reaction," State Department spokesman said yesterday. NATO Secretary General, Javier Solana, warned yesterday from Sarajevo that the regime in Belgrade will face another confrontation with NATO if it attempt to change the authorities in Montenegro by force.

Source: Free Serbia

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