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The damage done
0607 bpnet news

Macedonia to seek 110 million dollars in compensation for damages to roads and infrastructure

Analyses conducted by competent institutions of the factual damages made by NATO forces on the roads to Macedonia have produced a result of 109.6 million Dollars, sources have told "Vecher". The paper has learned that the Government will request this amount from NATO as compensation for the use of the roads and other infrastructure. "Makedonija Pat", the company responsible for maintenance of the road network, has been continuously assessing road damage since the entry of NATO forces into Macedonia. The results were regularly submitted to the Interstate and Regional Road Fund (Fond za Magistralni i Regionalni Patishta). These were the basis for the analysis submitted recently to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, amounting to the above sum. Ministry experts are now figuring out the road toll NATO forces will be paying when passing through Macedonia, as well as the sum they will be requested to deposit upon entry into the country. According to Defense Ministry officials, the reason for the privileges on use of infrastructure and other services by NATO derives from the SOFA agreement, but now NATO has to pay for all services used. "Vecher" writes that the NATO center in Skopje has no information that they owe Macedonia any money, much less a specific amount. NATO claims it pays rent and other bills regularly, and compensation of damages caused by activities of the Alliance is underway. In view of the new NATO mission in Kosovo, a Memorandum of Understanding is under preparation, detailing the conditions for continued NATO presence in Macedonia. The Ministry of Defense says it will define the prices of use of Macedonian barracks, military buildings, army depots, Krivolak range etc. It remains unclear if Macedonia would be able to get compensation for the damages to roads, as announced.

Source: BalkanPeaceNetwork

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