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Alliance for Change leaders did not go to Luxembourg

Representatives of Serbian opposition parties, Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as premier of Montenegro have been invited to the meeting of EU ministers Monday in Luxembourg, where they would discuss democracy in Yugoslavia, possible selective shipments of heating oil to municipalities run by opposition parties, and a proposed lifting of an air embargo against Yugoslavia. On Sunday, BETA news agency reported that its possible for trip to be canceled because of EU officials' ultimatum that opposition pledge that, if they come to power, they would extradite Milosevic and four of his aides to ICTY in The Hague.

After Sunday meeting with EU representatives in Belgrade, Alliance for Change made decision to postpone the meeting because they were presented with non-negotiable declaration they were expected to sign. Representatives of Serbian Renewal Movement confirmed that they would not attend the meeting if part of the declaration regarding obliging Serbian opposition to extradite Milosevic and other four of his aides charged for war crimes to the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

Leader of Democratic Party said that representatives of Alliance for Change would not go to Luxembourg to meet EU ministers. Zoran Djindjic said that meeting wouldn't be a discussion at all, but a presentation of declaration that representatives are expected to sign. "We want to participate as equal partners in such meeting, and not to be simply presented with something we have to sign," said Djindjic.

Representatives of Serbian Orthodox Church canceled their trip to Luxembourg. As Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarchy is quoted by Fonet news agency, representatives of the Church were invited to attend meeting with EU ministers, but invitation listed the names of representatives that should go to Luxembourg. Church declined invitation partly because they didn't have freedom to choose representatives on their own, and partly because of invitation came on very short notice, not leaving the Church enough time to make decision by protocol.

Source: Free Serbia

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