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Kosovo bombed again

As a result of Milosevic's refusal to sign peace agreement, as well as his delaying tactics, NATO intensified attacks of Serb forces in Kosovo, using more than ever "carpet" bombing.

One person was killed and one seriously injured in an attack on the village Donja Udriga in the Gnjilane area. At 16.30 yesterday afternoon, four missiles hit Zur village near Prizren, as well as Planeja village in the same area with two missiles. Rausici village in municipality of Pec was attacked at 17.52 with one missile. Area of Djakovica was attacked with two, and area of Gnjilane with 3 missiles yesterday afternoon. At 22.00 two missiles struck Bizmut factory, near Prizren. At 02.15 and later at 03.50, vicinity of Podujevo was attacked. Around 07.45 one missile hit target near Pec. At 11.35 NATO warplanes attacked vicinities of Strpci and Gora. Between 11.30 and 11.40, bombs fell on area of Pristina.

Source: Free Serbia

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