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Geremek and Dienstbier ask for the end of isolation of Yugoslavia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Bronislaw Geremek said that international isolation of Serbia should be ended as soon as possible, and warned that without democratic changes in Belgrade, the hole region could suffer the destabilization. At the end of the Warsaw Conference dedicated to the Kosovo crisis and the break-up of former Yugoslavia, Geremek said that the serious conflict could happened at any time in Montenegro, where 40 thousand Yugoslav Army soldiers stand against 15 thousand police officers loyal to the president Djukanovic.

UN Special Envoy for Human Rights in Former Yugoslavia, Jiri Dienstbier, said "the opposition in Serbia is much stronger than it is generally thought. Unfortunately, the cities that were bombed, were mostly cities where opposition won local elections three years ago. Those people haven't stop to be opposition to Milosevic, but the international isolation of Yugoslavia could not, by any mean, help them to overthrow Milosevic".

Source: Free Serbia

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