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Incidents continue in Pristina

Somewhat more peaceful in Gnjilane

It was announced at the KFOR press center in Pristina that a fire had been set in the Serb quarter of the town on Aug. 18, which spread over about 20 houses but without casualties registered.

The KFOR announced that a member of the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army was killed by a sniper in Pristina and that two Italian soldiers with KFOR were slightly injured by fire arms while guarding the Orthodox church in Djakovica.

BETA was told at the Pristina-based Center For Tolerance and Peace that the Vukoje Lakic's apartment in Pristina was on force entered about 10 p.m. on Aug. 18 by the Albanians who broke the door, threaten the owner with a hand gun and then beat him up. According to the Center, sporadic thefts continued in Pristina, as well as roughing up, intimidating and breaking into Serbian apartments. The same source said that a Serb woman, Svetlana Stanimirovic, was found dead in the village of Landovica near Prizren about 5 p.m. on Aug. 18.

The National Political Council of the Serb People's Conference in Gnjilane announced that it was more peaceful in Gnjilane on Aug. 19 than it was during the previous days, and the Serbs in that town started to register with the KFOR command in order to get special stickers to mark their apartments and houses so they could be protected from the Albanian extremists.

Source: Beta Press

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