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ICTY intensifies its activity on Kosovo

UN war crimes prosecutor Louise Arbour arrived in Kosovo today for a two-day visit. Arbour was due to meet other international officials on Tuesday and visit several mass grave sites on Wednesday.

The United Nations Criminal Tribunal on Tuesday declined to comment on a report that Serbian paramilitary leader Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, was seeking to negotiate his surrender for trial via Belgian intermediaries. The Tribunal revealed in March that it had charged Arkan with crimes against humanity for his alleged part in some of the bloodiest atrocities in the Balkans. The 1997 indictment had been kept secret to ease an arrest.

Serbia will be granted humanitarian, but no economic aid, while Milosevic stays in power

On the summit called to orchestrate Balkan reconstruction, the World Bank suggested that Western states may have under-estimated the difficulties of regenerating an economy that was in dire straits even before the recent conflict.

The meeting in Brussels brings together the principal actors in the Kosovo regeneration campaign, including the International Monetary Fund's director-general, Michel Camdessus, the co-ordinator of the European Union's stability pact for south-eastern Europe, Bodo Hombach, the UN secretary-general's special representative in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, and, also, finance ministers of the G7 group of wealthy nations.

President of World bank James Wolferson and commissar for economy and finance of EU Eve-Teboux da Selgeau stated in Brussels that Serbia will be granted just humanitarian aid, but no aid for reconstruction, until president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, stays in power. Wolferson said "it is necessary to find a way for giving urgent aid to Montenegro".

Finance ministers of the G7 group of wealthy nations said Tuesday that German mark will probably have the leading role in Kosovo economy, in the near future.

Next meeting of this kind - Donor conference - will be held on July 28, to which 82 countries and financial institutions have been invited.

Source: Free Serbia

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