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Serb police close private daily

BELGRADE, Friday - Serbian financial police on Thursday ordered the two-week closure of a private daily newspaper and its printers and a daily leaflet distributed to opponents of the regime, an executive at the papers told AFP. The daily Glas Javnosti and the printing company ABC Grafika, which it holds shares in, were closed on the orders of the financial police because of alleged irregularities, the manager of the papers, Slavoljub Kacarevic, said. "They have been checking our business for a week and, allegedly, they found two people working illegally, and now some 600 people will lose their jobs both in the printing company and the paper," Kacarevic said. He said he had been questioned over the printing of the daily leaflet, which is distributed at protests of the opposition Alliance for Change. Kacarevic said he "doubted" that the printing of the leaflet was behind the closure, since the paper, which has become increasingly popular for its objective reporting, was also banned from publishing for two weeks. He added that the management of the paper and the printing company would appeal against the decision on Friday.

Source: B92

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