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Meeting of G8, bombing may end on Wednesday

Foreign ministers of the G8 leading industrial countries are meeting in Bonn, Germany to try to draft a UN resolution giving a mandate to the international force poised to go into Kosovo. Monday afternoon, Russian RIA news agency reported that agreement has been reached, and that draft resolution would be sent to Security Council on Monday evening. Agency quoted unnamed diplomatic sources in Bonn. But, at news conference on Monday afternoon, it was announced that details of the resolution has been delayed. Russian ORT Television reported that "highly informed circles" told them that final document may not be ready on Monday.

Diplomats said that United Nations Security Council resolution would allow Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to "give in" to the U.N. rather than NATO. Earlier on Monday, US State Department spokesman James Rubin said Milosevic had told EU envoy Martti Ahtisaari he intended to implement the Kosovo peace deal agreed last week.

Other diplomatic sources said that if a United Nations resolution now being drafted in Bonn is adopted on Tuesday, and Yugoslav side agree with NATO to start pulling out of Kosovo by Wednesday morning, air strikes could be suspended later that same day.

Source: Free Serbia

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