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Elections possibly in November

Exraordinary elections in Serbia could be held in November, BETA was told by sources close to the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Serbian Renewal Movement's leadership, adding that they would be scheduled by the Serbian legislature.

Serbian Renewal Movement leader Vuk Draskovic stated on Aug. 17 that his party would accept the election conditions from 1997, and stipulated the holding of elections with the cancelation of the current Law on Information and the liberation of the state media.

Sources close to the ruling coalition told BETA that Draskovic had met with the Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic, two days ago, with whom he discussed the holding of elections, among other matters.

The holding of extraordinary elections will follow changes in the Serbian government, which will be announced later this week.

These changes will not disrupt relations among the current coalition partners. The Serbian Radical Party is expected to replace its ministers and vice-premiers who have been appointed in the reconstructed federal government.

Vuk Draskovic issued a statement to the Beta news agency, denying that he had met with Milosevic and he described the news about holding "talks regarding elections" with him as "a flagrant lie."

The President of the Serbian Renewal Movement has announced that he will sue the Beta news agency for the news item about his meeting with Milosevic.

Source: Beta Press

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