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Federal Government rejects Vuk Draskovic

BELGRADE, Friday - The Federal Ministry for Information today rejected the statement made by Serbian Renewal Movement President Vuk Draskovic that the Yugoslav government was preparing "something resembling a putsch" in Montenegro, planning a military takeover of the media. "In a state of war, the Federal government had no authority to command the Yugoslav Army, and thus was unable to make any decision regarding the engagement of Yugoslav army forces or any military putsch in Montenegro like Draskovic said", they stated in their announcement. The Ministry for Information in Serbia made an appeal to the Serbian media today to resist publishing any information "which would create a feeling of distrust in government policy or be open to false interpretation, i.e. the announcement of devaluation, lies regarding the shortage of certain products etc." Publishing such information leads to "unjustified price increases, an increase in the black-market exchange rate and artificial shortages which destabalise the entire political and economical situation in the country", reports Beta.

Source: B92

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