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Draskovic collaborates with regime

Alliance for Change coordinator, Vladan Batic today reacted sharply to the accusation from Vuk Draskovic that part of the opposition did not want elections but civil war in Serbia. In his interview on Friday for TV "Palma plus", Draskovic said "there is a scenario to provoke civil war in Serbia". He accused one of the Alliance's leaders of saying at a press conference in Berlin that there are two ways of solving the crisis in Serbia, "one is to go for elections and after that civil war since they would not win, and the other to have a civil war first which would ensure a victory for the Alliance for Change in the post war elections." Batic linked Draskovic's accusations with yesterday's accusations from President of the Serbian Parliament Dragan Tomic that "the opposition wish to come to power on the top of NATO bayonets". "That coordinated action is in parallel with the announcements of future action from the Alliance for Change. Fear caused them to attack the Alliance for Change", Batic told Beta, adding, "with the changes all police archives will be opened so people will find out how Vuk Draskovic collaborated with Milosevic's regime." Batic also said, "Tomic, Draskovic and (the president of the Serbian Radical Party and deputy prime minister) Seselj are acting in the name of Serbia because Serbia has no president. Serbian President Milan Milutinovic has attempted to clear himself, in order to rid himself of the Hague tribunal indictment, so they "put him on ice". We have a president who is frozen or under house arrest. If this is not so, then he should appear on the news to inform the people what is happening in Kosovo and between Serbia and Montenegro", said Batic.

Source: B92

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